Friday, July 2, 2010

48 Hour Tee Times - The Next Big Thing...

Early Monday morning Pete and Jess began a road trip to visit Gramma. They will travel from Massachusetts to Florida and plan to stay over a night or two in South Carolina. Pete wants to get in a round or two of golf while Jess visits with her college roommate, Hillary. Before leaving home, he was able to book tee times at

Jess called the other night to say she was meeting Hillary for brunch and Pete was very happy about his great luck in finding tee times that suited him and Hillary's husband, Carlton. Pete booked tee times at three different courses over two days. Carlton was psyched about being able to play quite early in the morning and then late in the afternoon on the same day. Pete also booked an early afternoon tee time on the second day. Hillary and Carlton wished to take them to dinner at a swank restaurant that evening, so it worked out well.

I'm planning to visit Myrtle Beach myself soon, so I was interested in 48 hour tee times. It's pretty straightforward: go to and choose a golf course, then choose a time. The results show courses that have tee times available and the cost of the round. There are many courses to choose from and Pete and Carlton were impressed with courses themselves. Pete said he was quite challenged by all the courses they played, and Carlton said Pete was just a challenged golfer.

Jess and Hillary had a great time at the 19th hole of the last course Pete and Carlton played. They shopped the Pro shop and had lunch. Hillary was able to sneak home the putter she bought for Carlton's birthday next month. Jess said Pete being able to play golf made having to clean out Gramma's gutters and flower beds so much better!

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