Monday, July 12, 2010

Working in Hospitals, Scrubs are the Best Uniform...

It seems I know a lot of people who work in hospitals, doctor and dentist offices. I also know four people in nursing school. These folks wear scrubs all the time. They actually own the scrubs they wear and shopped and paid for them. I thought you could only get scrubs if you worked in an operating room, and when done with them, you would have to give them back!

My sister works in a doctors office and she can wear a nurses uniform, but medical scrubs suit her better. She said they are easier to clean, cooler and much more comfortable. Sis said medical scrubs are much less pricey than a nurses uniform. She likes to be able to choose fun colors and a size that actually fits her.

Of the folks I know in nursing school, one is a guy. He wears medical scrubs too, because he doesn't like lab coats. The others wear nursing scrubs. All of them are new to working in hospitals and never knew nursing uniforms at all. The girls say with all the lifting and pulling and hauling they do in a day, they cannot imagine having to wear the polyester nurse uniform of the old days.

Two of my nieces are studying to be nurses. Both told me that the jobs they do are messy and can be physically draining. While rewarding, the jobs are stressful and neither one wants to worry about clothing while they work. Both girls like scrubs because they offer comfort and ease of movement in a busy working day.

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  1. Scrubs are SO comfortable! I DON'T work ANYwhere and I still like to wear them! LOL!


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