Friday, July 23, 2010

Address Plaques - Location, Location, Location!

Not long ago, I relayed to you my wish for a mailbox at the end of my driveway. I wanted the mailbox, so the newspaper delivery man could deliver my newspapers to the box, as opposed to the puddle nearby. US mail does not come to the house, but to a PO box. I felt certain that when I erected said mailbox, so one could pull up to it, painted it green and put "newspapers" in yellow letters on it, my papers would remain dry.

Last week, my papers began appearing in the puddle opposite my house. Not my puddle, but my neighbors puddle. I called the delivery company and inquired. "New driver" I was told. I asked that further papers be delivered to the new box, explained its proximity to my neighbors puddle and asked the nice operator to confirm my address
. In her file, the address that corresponds to my name is 740 Hauser Street. I live at 704. 740 is a mile away. That still doesn't explain why my papers now get delivered across the street to a different puddle.

The nice operator asked me if my house number was clearly marked on the new box. Ashamed, I admitted it was not. I told the nice lady I would rectify the situation immediately. My shiny new address plaque is on its way to me now. In the meantime, I've made a temporary 704 for the new box.

Naturally, I shopped for address plaques from here in my chair. I found a nice whitehall address plaque that can be one or two lines. The one I picked has a dark background with white lettering. The new address sign will be firmly adhered to the enormous post the new box rests on. Once done, I expect no further issues with the delivery of my newspapers.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Watch the delivery guy run into the enormous post and knock your great new sign over!

  2. Pft! Silly Quilly! In MY neighborhood you don't have to rely on the delivery guy to run into the enormous post and knock you greag new sign over... we have teenagers... with baseball bats... who make it their express PURPOSE to do that for you! :)

  3. Or expressED purpose even...

  4. I would love an address plaque -- except that it would be so embarassed to be on my house that it would probably run off!


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