Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My New Best Friend!

Temperatures here in southeastern Mass have been unbearable. Today it was 100 degrees in the shade at my house. Just now, at 6pm, it has cooled to a wicked hot 90 degrees. Luckily for me, Manda and Lacey brought home my new best friend...

I was a little sad when the girls said they got a blow up pool. I was thinking kids paddling pool. So Manda and Shawn Carr set the thing up. To my surprise, it was bigger than I expected. Then it sat for a week sans filter and chemicals.

Last Thursday, when I realised I had no work for the next few days, I applied the filter and added chlorine and adjusted the pH. The water was crystal clear and icy cold. Friday, after consulting with Tam, a seasoned pool chemist, I added shock to the pool. Everything was fabulous for about six hours.

While Manda and Colleen shopped, I lounged inside with the A/C. Upon returning home, Manda informed me I broke the pool. I went out to investigate. The water was green. I almost cried.

After some investigation and further consultation with Tam, I discovered that shock kills live organisms suspended in water, hence the green. Green is the color of dead organisms? Whatever. After two days of vacuming and rinsing the filter,
the green has almost gone.

Here ShawnO demonstrates the excellence of my new best friend.


  1. Its like swimming in icicles!

  2. I wish I had one...booooohoooo! Enjoy!

  3. I'd love a pool, so as long as it comes with a pool boy! :) Barring that, I'll stick to my pond. I think everyone's attitude adjustment came 32 seconds after hitting the water tonight. Perfect way to end the day! Enjoy your time with your new friend. -J

  4. Okay, I do NOT want to sit in icicles. It looks great but if it is too cold, you can have it.


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