Thursday, July 1, 2010

That Old Sad Sofa Guessed It's Fate...

It's time to redecorate! We haven't had proper living room furniture in years. The last sofa we had was atrocious and stayed only a short time. It was an awful green color and I could tell it felt sorry for itself. Our dog didn't want to sleep on it. Just now, we have an Italian leather armchair that we love, but it's seen better days and only seats one.

Shopping for furniture has always been difficult for me. I know what I like and I can easily identify it, but it's always a challenge determining if it will fit in the space I have. I love the minimalist approach to contemporary furniture. Function and size will win me over every time. Our space is small and oddly shaped and best served by something sleek and stylish. Our dog isn't picky about where she sleeps, but she does prefer a brand new sofa or loveseat.

I will also be exploring modern bedroom furniture. Again, the size of the space and the furniture will be key. We have so much stuff crammed in our small bedrooms, its impossible to see the floor. We often use the space under the beds as storage. There is so much stuff under beds in my house, the dog got stuck under a bed last week. We had to move a bunch of things to get her out. I'm going to explore the platform beds with storage underneath, hopefully keeping the dog from a hostage situation.

So begins my quest for functional, stylish and comfortable furniture!


  1. "Keeping the dog from a hostage situation ..." that made me laugh out loud!

    You should see out new bed in the guest room -- in fact, you should come and sleep in it. Soon.

  2. I love Cottage & Bungalo magazine. I get it and save pictures of things I like, so when it comes time to redecorate I have plenty of options. Happy hunting! -J


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