Friday, July 30, 2010

There Goes the Neighborhood...

In the last week or so, there has been a Cardinal around my yard. He has been pretty vocal about something. Mr Cardinal flits from branch to branch, chirping to beat the band. Everyone in the house has had it with him. I pleaded with him this morning to tone it down a bit. Mr Cardinal refused. I spent about a half hour in the yard and determined his warning calls are due to cats. My cat, my neighbors cat, any cat really. I went to find my cat, Travis, to bring her in. I found her hanging out with her cat friend, Ted. I grabbed up Travis and came inside. Moments later, I caught a glimpse of Ted sitting in the Window Box Planter at my front window. Then the window box fell off the house and Ted went plunging to the ground. He hit the ground running. I heard Mr Cardinal bust into laughter as Ted sped away.

My window box is shot. I cannot repair it and I'm not replacing it. Ted has peeped in my window for the last time and he can just find some other place to spy. I am going with Decorative Planters and Garden Planters instead.I want something a little edgy, un-traditional. I'm looking for ovals and curvy shapes. I want a more High End Planter for this project.

I went strolling through the yard to see if my vision needed refinement. Ted showed up but did not apologize for breaking the box off the house. I mentioned to him he might try to exercise more, a longer walk about the yard perhaps, or a climb up a tree. When I mentioned the tree to Ted, Mr Cardinal swooped in close to us and resumed his annoying chirping. I don't think Mr Cardinal appreciated that suggestion one bit.


  1. Decorative planters? Pluuuese! I guess I have to make a home visit to evaluate. Cardinals aren't so bad and really they like to nest in thickets. You got any of those, maybe? Jen R used to be F.

  2. You know, Ted can pee in a high-end planter just as happily as he peed in the window box.

    Just thought I'd mention that. ;)

  3. Yea... I love planters. Nothing seems to grow in my "gardens" ... so planters work best for me!

  4. So your looking for a huge planters?The bigger, the better, is one major rule in choosing Garden Planters. bigger planters assist slower drying as those of smaller ones. If you’re thinking of perennial planting, then you can purchase the biggest planter that you can buy for you to accommodate more wear and growth years.


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