Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Water Conservation - Consider Rainwater Harvesting...

Here at home, we have well water. We don't pay a water bill, but we are responsible for maintaining our own well and pump. Two years ago, my pump crapped out. It lasted 22 years, I can't complain. After the pump rebuild and the new well point, I decided water conservation might be in order.

We have never been ones to let the water run or take super long showers. But outside we do use water. A good amount goes to watering gardens, filling the pool and water for animals. While I will still want fresh water for the rabbits, I've been considering rain harvesting for my gardens.

A rain water barrel would be a great help when it comes time to water a vegetable garden or flowers. The practice is also environmentally sound. Water is a scarce resource. Nearly half of the water that is used in a home goes down the drain and ends up wasted. Since a third of that water goes to gardens and lawns, it makes sense to harvest rainwater with rain barrels.

There are many styles of rain barrels for sale at very reasonable prices. You can choose from ones that look like a wooden barrel with metal hoops or very decorative ones that double as planters. There is certainly one that will look great in your yard and help you to collect rain water and use it wisely.


  1. How do you channel the water into your barrel?

  2. What about breeding squitos? I dont want extra!

  3. If I'm correct, you channel it in from your rain gutters, and they're sealed so they won't breed mosquitos. All and all, it's A+ in my book. Good luck with your search!


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