Friday, July 2, 2010

Room with a View - Myrtle Beach...

My two favorite things about summer are lazy rivers and golf. Travel is a favorite too, and I haven't been on a trip since I visited family on the west coast last summer. Today, I'm planning a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I've heard great things about the resorts there and the golf courses in the area. So today, I'm checking out Since the Avista Resort is centrally located to wonderful golf courses and has not one but two lazy rivers, I'm intrigued.

I think I will invite Quilly and Amoeba to share my Myrtle Beach hotel. The Avista resort is steps away from a beautiful beach. While Amoeba and I play a few rounds of golf, Quilly can explore the beach and capture the splendor on film. There is internet access in the common areas and the guest rooms, so I can keep in touch while I'm away.

I'm looking forward to my stay in one of the resorts in Myrtle Beach. With one, two and three bedroom condos, complete with kitchens , balconies and great views of the seaside, we should have a fabulous time. We can eat in or dine out at the restaurant on-site. Room service is available as well and I can order up a late night snack.

My golf clubs are clean and shiny and ready to go. I got new spikes last fall, so I'm set to get out to the links. I have a new swim suit and a big beach towel. I have a brand new card so I can shop 'til I drop. Everything is in place, so I'm off to make reservations and book a flight!

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  1. We'll share! We'll share! Oh, uhm, you're paying, right? ;)


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