Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Accommodations and Golf Packages at Myrtle Beach!

I am always talking about hitting the shore at Myrtle Beach. I like to play golf even though my game leaves a lot to be desired. I've played bunches of courses near where I live, but I've never had the opportunity to play any away from the south shore of Massachusetts. Today a fantastic opportunity presented itself. My neighbor Dolly is traveling to visit her folks in South Carolina and asked me to go along! Dolly has some frequent flyer miles and we can both fly for a song!

I told Dolly I will pay for a hotel room with golf packages. I'm hoping she can convince her Dad to join us on the links. I was looking around for a decent hotel and found a great site that features six fabulous looking properties! I checked out and there I was able to see pictures of each place, lists of amenities and check out golf packages. I also learned I can get a one-on-one training session! I really need help with my stance and my swing and my follow through. Okay! I admit it! I need help with my whole game!

When I looked at, I found an answer for every question I had and I also found a great resort with golf packages, the main reason for my visit. I called my sister and told her my plans. She is sad, she isn't able to join us. I thought, "Sissy, you play Myrtle Beach twice a year!"


  1. I loved Myrtle Beach! Stayed at a hotel that had a bowling alley on the fifth floor. Was a blast!

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! Almost forgot about the dolphins in the water, and the horseback riders on the beach as the sun came up.

  3. Golf, huh? I'll send Amoeba with you. I'm headed for the boardwalk.


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