Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Equestrian Lover

I am an avid equestrian and I love watching horseback riding competitions on directv. I can never find any on cable but, luckily I can watch my favorite sport on satellite TV. There is nothing like riding a horse full gallop up to a huge fence. I cannot do this all the time, so, the next best thing is to watch others jump immense courses in a record breaking amount of time. There is nothing like it in the world to me and I love seeing others enjoying my favorite sport at a professional level. They are so lucky!

The best competitions happen in the fall and I am so excited to see my favorite riders compete for the gold. I would kill to be them one day and hopefully it will happen. It is amazing what you can learn form simply watching professionals ride. You can study their form and the way they approach a fence. Each horse is different so it is necessary to ride accordingly. However, the basics are the same and every serious rider can learn something new. I think this is especially important to keep in mind when watching competitions. Show jumping is an exciting and exhilarating sport that I hope to continue though out my life. I hope I will soon be on TV competing with the best riders.


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