Monday, August 9, 2010

Blast from the Past...

This is my sister Peg, when she was about 17.
When I was a kid, I thought my sister was the prettiest girl ever. I remember when she went to prom. I was about 5. She wore a white dress with an empire waist. It was trimmed in green, and she wore long gloves and her hair was piled up in curls. I remember being a total pest as she was getting ready. I wanted to play dress up and be pretty too. I was told repeatedly to get lost. I did not. I hung around hoping I would be invited along. I was not.

I thought my sister looked like a princess. She was stunning. As she was going out the door, I stepped on the hem of her dress and left a smudge. Peg shot me a look that I knew meant death.

Recently, I asked her what she remembered of prom. Peg said she hated the dress. There were so many girls at prom in that same dress, only the color of the trim was different. She remembered her hairdo being very itchy and wanting very much to take it out. Once she was able to take it down, she was amazed at how many bobby-pins were in there. Peg said she didn't remember me being a pest, but she guessed I may have been. She also did not remember me stepping on her dress, nor does she remember a smudge. (thank you so much for not remembering that!) She does remember being aggravated because her date was late. Other than that Peg said they had a fun time and a good party on the beach the next day.

Isn't it funny how we remember the same thing so much differently?


  1. Where are the pictures from when you were 17?

  2. Real pretty. It indeed is amazing how people remember the same thing in different ways. :)

  3. Arrrrgh! Did you have to? LOL! I really liked that pix even back then, it didn't have to have a whole lot of touch up as I recall...might not recognize me (passing on the street) today.....forty + years later...the memory is the same. It's all good.

  4. Your sister was indeed lovely. Now, I'm with Amanda. Where is the pic of you at 17?

  5. i think dot might have some.
    good luck getting those from her.

  6. I might have some too, when you were even younger.... when I ever get them out from under all the boxes in storage...LOL!
    What fun we'll have with this!


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