Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Neighbors...

I met a nice family today as I was passing by the Mill Pond. They were'n't terribly friendly, but they did notice me and the wife nodded a hello. The kids were quiet and well behaved. I was impressed, some youngsters can be a bit boisterous. I paused and politely asked if I could make a photograph of them. The wife deferred to her husband and he graciously gave his permission.

They only asked that I make a copy of the photograph
and drop it by the next time I'm out that way.


  1. Love it when the babies are still in that gray fluffy stage. Enjoy your new neighbors, hope they don't stay up all hours of the night, throwing big honking parties. -J

  2. They seem like real nice folks. I don't expect much trouble from them.

  3. LOL .. How clever. Very well done :)

  4. What a lovely family! Usually I think it is corny when everybody dresses alike, but on these guys it looks pretty good.


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