Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High Quality Oriental Rugs...

I'm putting down Area Rugs. I do not like wall to wall and my bare floors are too cold in the winter. But rug shopping in the store confuses me. Rugs are piled on top of each other and I can't see the entire rug at once. I want an oriental rug and I want to see the whole rug before I make a decision.

Cheap Rugs of decent quality are hard to come by. is an excellent website that offers high quality rugs at very good prices. What really grabbed my attention is they offer free shipping and will beat any advertised price. They have a good variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

Shopping for Rugs online seems like it could be just as difficult as shopping in a store. I checked out a couple of oriental rugs that interest me. Superior Rugs shows detailed color photographs of each rug for sale. The photos show not only close up views of the color scheme, but the manufacturers information tag, which include knots per square meter/inch, pile, place of origin and the manufacturers warranty. Superior Rugs also offers 30 day return policy. The website has all the information needed to make an informed selection.


  1. I think my dining room needs a rug before winter gets here. I love my tile floor but it is chilly!

  2. I need rugs in my kitchen so I don't slip on wet floors again.

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  4. We have great luck at Carpet Remnant Warehouse at exit 5. Family run, great prices, excellent service. Only down side is that they are closed on saturdays. -J


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