Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Montana Ranch Trip...

Guest post written by Keith Bauguss

I met my friend Jim when I was looking for a place to board my family’s horses once my mom wasn’t able to take care of them. He was just so crazy and down-to-earth that we became fast friends.

We go on a lot of trips together to go camping, take part in wagon trains and ride on horse trails in the mountains a few hours away. A few months ago he invited me to go with him on a trip to his ranch that he owns with three other men in Montana. I had been having trouble with my hearing some so before we went I looked over some miracle ear hearing aid prices, got tested and got fitted with some hearing aids.

The trip was about two weeks long and it was so nice to be away from e-mail and all the hassles of work at the office. We rode horses a lot, went wild hog hunting and ate a whole lot of good, fattening food. He’s already talking about a trip for next year and I’m on board.


  1. How can one be crazy and down to earth? That seems a contradiction.

  2. I like this idea, especially if I could take my horse with me. Montana ..... yeah I could go there. Big sky, big mountains, lush valleys....big sigh! The stuff that dreams are made of.


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