Monday, August 9, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - 08.10.10

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Check out more Ruby Tuesday over at Mary's place, Work of the Poet.


  1. what a fantastic sun set. Superb photography.

  2. Stunning photo. :)

  3. Oh! Pretty! I love the way you captured the glow.

  4. This is beautiful. No other words come to mind tho, I'm just blown away with the beauty.

    My RT is HERE

    A note: I'm going to begin a new meme, started tomorrow evening. You may be interested in least stop by tomorrow around 6PM my time zone to find out what it's going to be like....

    Have a great day just filled with loads of sunshine!!!

  5. Sunset over the water just are awestruck. Love they way you captured it.
    My Ruby link for you

  6. Love the red in that sunset!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday,


    btw Mine this week is IS IT ME OR ARE ALL WRAP DRESSES UGLY! Hope you can stop by.


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