Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fishing May Be Hazardous...

Just this afternoon, Tam and I decided to take a couple crab traps down to a special spot by the canal. While clamoring over the rocks trying to place the traps, I slipped and twisted my ankle, flinging my crab trap into the water. We were unable to retrieve it. As I sat there sobbing over the loss of both my trap and my potential dinner, Tam asked if the swelling ankle hurt much and if my accident insurance is up to date.

Once I stopped crying, we decided to take a ride over to the ER for an x-ray. While waiting to see the doctor, I called my friend Robin, who works in the Med/Surg unit. She stopped by a few minutes later and mentioned income insurance. In hind sight, I see that I should have considered this before. I may have to stay off my ankle for a few days, at least. I'd feel a little more secure just now if I carried an income insurance policy. I could pay may bills and order in a few crabs.

I bet my crab trap has been fished out by somebody by now, probably some merchant marine from Australia. By now he's probably used my bait and eaten up what should have been my crabs. I hope his life insurance Australia is up to date. He might need it if I ever catch up with him.


  1. I'm sorry you lost dinner and hurt yourself. Ankles are the worst! I recently purchaced accident insurance and even though I'm not thrilled with paying the premium each pay period, I am relieved to know that if some thing goes wrong at work (Um hello?? I deliver mail on 3A at least once a week)or at home (Surviving Boys, it's not just a blog title) the bills will still get paid. Actually, come to think of it, I think I get more money when I'm injured than when I'm working. -J

  2. I had income insurance when I lived in Vegas and it came in handy when I was in the car accident. It's good stuff.

  3. I used to have accident insurance that paid the bills if I couldn't work, too. How does it go? A-F-L-A-C!!!!!! Cute story....Sorry you lost your trap and dinner.

  4. OMG I hope you are okay. I have to say I laughed about the traps and your description of your dinner and the warning. Too funny. Am I warped or what? LOL


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