Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ella's Adventures at Edaville...Part Deux...

After Bob made the announcement, there were a few Ella sightings. 

One said she was on the platform waiting to board the train. One said she was on the train, heading for the bogs. One said she had gone to The general manager's office and was 
taking a nap on the couch. Conductor Bob sent one of the Candy Store Kids up to the office. No go. Ella was not on the couch.

As the train arrived in the station, I tried to be calm as I searched the cars for her. Mr Heath, the engineer hopped down and marched over to me. "I hear you've misplaced an elephant. Well, I found her!" 

Mr Heath was very angry. 
"That elephant pulled the emergency stop! 
She made me let her off  by Three Acre Bog so she 
could ride the picking machine! 
"You get out there NOW! CONTROL THAT ELEPHANT!" 
he bellowed in his loud voice.
Needless to say, I ran!

When I got out to Three Acre Bog, the machine was parked and all the pickers had gone for lunch. 
Ella was nowhere to be seen...

to be continued...


  1. I KNEW IT!!! Check all the neighborhood bars, saloons and smoke shops. And then while your at it, probably check the YMCA. pffft

  2. OY VEY! WHERE is my elephant??? I'm not spying her ANYWHERE! Obviously you aren't either...

    I do know this... she is NOT in a BAR... Thom!

  3. Ella only goes drinking with Thom, so if she isn't there, she's probably sober! Where is she though? I can't believe she didn't drive off on that fun little cranberry tending machine.

  4. Hopefully Ella is NOT swimming in the cranberry bog.


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