Friday, October 22, 2010

Neighborhood Tour...

Guest post written by Carl Martin

This is a pretty big year for everyone in our town because we're celebrating our bicentennial. That means that our small town is hosting a lot of different events next weekend, including a tour of the historical homes in the oldest parts of town, which happens to include our home.
We've kept up our home to be pretty true to how it looked historically, with modern updates, of course. I wanted to make sure that it was looking its best because there would be a whole bunch of people looking at and taking pictures of our place. So I headed to and found some pricing for getting our place reroofed.
We went with the black shingles like the original look on the house and it looked so much better once it was all finished. We're feeling a lot better about hosting the tour. Now my wife is just worried about making sure that her garden looks in top shape.
People won't be really vocal about if our place didn't look great, but I want my wife to get lots of compliments on our home, which I'm sure we'll get.


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