Monday, October 4, 2010

The Muffed Target - No. 14...

Post a picture that didn't come out.
Tell what happened, or what you were aiming for.
Link up to Thom and check out the other Muffed Target entries...

I went to the greenhouses the other day. Marg told me that Mike was down at the bog picking berries. I wanted some pictures, so I hustled down there before they finished. When I got there I was greeted by Max. He was soaking wet and had a yellow tennis ball in his mouth. mike and Dave were having trouble getting a pump going to finish flooding, so they were busy.They were ignoring Max who wanted them to throw the ball for him.

The dog had been in and out of the water for probably two hours. I didn't want to throw the ball because I thought he'd had enough. But I wanted a picture of the dog swimming through the berries with the ball in his mouth. These pictures are actually the best of the bunch.


  1. There's a dog swimming through the berries I am going to eat? Ack!

  2. well
    dont forget about the frogs
    and the fish that live in bog ditches
    and the spiders that hang out in bogs

  3. LOL too funny Max's mouth doesn't look big enough to hold that ball. He must be hiding among the berries. Thanks for playing. Much appreciated.

  4. I love that first one with Max's nose. I'm conveniently ignoring the fact that a dog and his stinky ball have been frolicking in my future cranberries! ;)

  5. That first shot of Max is priceless. That's Willie's favorite pose. What can I say, the silly dog hates having his picture taken! I wash my cranberries before eating, doesn't everyone? Besides, what's a little dog gonna hurt?

  6. Silly Max doesnt he realise its too cold to swim in bog water?

  7. LOL! As I told THOM -- you can't trust those critters! They never cooperate! I HOPE Ella didn't go swimming in the bog...


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