Friday, October 1, 2010

The Fabulous Bobi...

I've decided I don't like my current mailbox. It's a run of the mill, hardware store, boring mailbox. It's made of tin and although I've had it less than a year, it has begun to rust. My mailbox isn't even that attractive.

I've been considering a bobi mailbox. I love the sleek look of the Bobi contemporary mailboxes. They are made of steel, not tin. The steel is 1mm thick and reinforced at the corners. I would love to see someone take a mailbox baseball swing at one of these!

The Bobi mailbox has a lot of room and is able to hold not only a weeks worth of mail but magazines and giant envelopes. it will also accept small priority mail boxes and flat rate envelopes. These mailboxes also sport a cylinder lock to keep your mail safe and secure.

The bobi mailboxes are available in a variety of colors and unique styles. The Bobi Company is a family owned business in Vassa, Finland. Their mailboxes have become favorites of people all over the world. The Bobi is not your run of the mill mailbox. The slim, sleek design, great colors and roomy space make it not only a mail receptacle, but a conversation piece.

My lowly tin mailbox will be retired soon and a fabulous Bobi will take it's place.


  1. I want a mailbox that looks like a fish. When the mailman (or lady) drops off the mail, they stick it in the "mouth" of the mailbox. Yes, I am juvenile enough to be tremendously amused by this.


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