Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ask Not for Whom the Meme Tags; It Tags for Thee!

Quilly at Quintesenntially Quilly didn’t tag me with this, I just jumped up and took it. Since I stole it, I am not obligated to tag anybody, but I will leave 7 questions at the end in case you feel inspired to tag yourself. Q  gave me these seven questions:

1. If you were alone with Obama and could ask him one question, what would it be?
"Have you mastered the walk?"

2. Tell us about your toothbrush and toothpaste.
Why? It's like any other brush and paste. Whatever do you want to know? That I use them? I do.

3. Which room in your house do you spend the most time in — why?
I spend most of my time in what is technically my living room. It is the biggest room an the house and it also doubles as my bedroom, office and closet. I spend most of my time here because there is no place else for me to go. The two bedrooms are occupied by others and the house has a total of 576 square feet.The only other place is the kitchen, which is not even big enough for two people to stand in.

4. What article of clothing do you detest but wear anyway — why?
There is no article of clothing I detest but wear anyway. I given all that up. I do not wear clothes that do not suit me, ever. Even when it is required, I do not wear them. If I get in trouble, I take it.

5. What favorite food from your childhood would you refuse to eat if you were given some today?
There is not one.

6. Chances are good that you got blamed and punished for doing something you didn’t do when you were a kid. What was it, and was your innocence ever proven?
I was usually the one doing the dirty deeds and allowing others to be caught and punished. I remember one time, I wrote in green chalk on my mother's kitchen calendar, "Peter Galbreth is a fag." I must have been about 8 or 9. I'm not sure if I understood all the meanings of the word fag, but the twins got slammed for this. They were in deep doo-doo. I kept my mouth shut and slinked away. But later they found me and I got my a** kicked.

7. Why did you decide to answer these questions?
Because, everything I do on this blog is in hopes that someone will notice me and I will get readers! And with readers come COMMENTS! After comments? Who cares! Just as long as people visit and comment, I'm square.

Each of the following questions assume money is not an issue.
My 7 questions for you:

1.Where would you visit? Who would you take along?
2.Would you take 3 four year olds to a theme park or the playground at school?
3.How much of your money would you give away?
4. You have a choice between a 3 year old BMW 328i that needs major work or a perfect Nissan Versa hatchback. Which one?
5.Your pet has taken ill, the vet is unable to pinpoint the cause of the illness and the pet is suffering.What now?
6.Freshman girl comes home with  a wad of cash, spiked green hair, metal in her face, skimpy clothes and a senior boyfriend, (who was actually held back 2 years). What would happen at your house?
7.If I called you up right now and invited you over, would you bring anything? If so, what?


  1. Liked your answers especially about the toothpaste and toothbrush. I'm certainly glad you use them. LOL. Eggs is one food I don't eat today. I grew to despise them.

  2. #4 -- shoes and my bra. I hate shoes. My toes aren't free to run, but they don't much like freezing, either. And my bra -- makes my back itch. I hate it, but I am even more uncomfortable if I don't wear it. It is a pain to have to spend the whole day trying not to trip on my boobs ....

    Thanks for playing! Now, for your questions ....

  3. I think I used to live in YOUR house... or it's evil twin.

    Is every woman who answers these questions going to say BRA??? *my hand goes up*

    I was JUST talking to someone the other day about a food I loved as a kid and would no longer eat... and NOW, of course, I can't remember what it was! I can think of LOTs that I would NOT eat as a kid that I LOVE today... does that count?

    I would take 3 four year olds... or 4 three year olds... to a theme park! When do we leave?

    Were it not for the restraining hand of my husband I would probably give ALL my money away. I would be living in the homeless shelter with all the people I was trying to help!

    Definitely the hatchback. But now I'll have to go google a Versa... I have NO idea what it looks like!

    I will NOT watch my pet suffer... I'm going to assume it is one of my current elderly pets, and I will put it down. They have all lived well.

    Freshman girl better be holding funds for the Freshman fundraiser or some equally good cause... the hair and metal can stay... HE leaves... and CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES!!! She and I will be having a LONG talk about self-image, projected image, self-esteem, and reputation. *nods*

  4. Ah Melli - i think we may have been separated at birth!


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