Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine birthday...

My son is obsessed with trains. I guess I can blame it on my sister for getting him all those Thomas the Tank Engine books and toys. But there are a lot worse things that a 6 year old can be obsessed with, like something violent.
I wasn't at all surprised when I asked him what kind of party he wanted to have for his 6th birthday that he said he wanted a party about trains. So I ordered a bunch of Thomas the Tank Engine party supplies online for him. I wanted a matching cake but didn't trust myself to handle that too so I searched online for cake decorators with direct tv internet. I found one that was right near our town and called her and told her what I wanted.
The cake along with all the decorations were perfect and I think my son and his friends had a whole lot of fun. I don't know if he'll still be into Thomas the Tank Engine for his next birthday, but if so we'll still have plenty of party favors left over.


  1. I made my son a train cake for his 2nd birthday. It was 3-D, had ring ding wheels, an ice cream cone smoke stack, and everything. Unfortunatly, the blue food coloring was really colorfast and I was scrubbing blue off his face for days. :)

  2. Okay, this was a guest post. There is no way you just had a Thomas the Tank Engine party for Sean! Plus if you just had his 6th birthday party, I'd say you're running a bit behind.

  3. I'm sO glad I read Quilly's response... because I was really wondering WHEN I missed the part about you having a SIX year old living at home!!! I did THINK this MIGHT be a guest post...


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