Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ella's Adventures at Edaville...

Cranberry Festival took place over Columbus Day weekend. It was busy and a bit chaotic at times, but all the kids stepped up to the plate and worked hard. Ella had a good time too.
In fact, we didn't see her much at all.
Ella and I arrived early on Saturday. I set to work and my co-workers began to arrive about 8am. By 8:30 I was busy assigning tasks and going over the events of the day with the other supervisor, grill and fry cooks and the runner. About 10, when the gates opened, I realised I hadn't seen Ella for quite some time.

I asked Shuli, the runner, "Have you seen Ella?"

Shuli said he had last seen Ella riding the Carousel. So I hustled over to the Carousel. I stood at the exit and watched the ride travel round and round. I didn't see Ella. When the ride stopped, I climbed aboard to look for her. I was worried she may have fallen and been trampled by the horses. I called for Ella, I howled for Ella, then I began to cry. Head in hands, I said quietly, "Melli is going to kill me."

One of the Carousel horses snorted loudly to get my attention.

He reported seeing Ella just before the ride let out, heading in the direction of the Dumbo ride. He also told me Ella had mentioned fried dough and helicopter rides before she took off. All I could think was "I'm dead when Melli finds out I let Ella loose at Cranberry Fest."

I ran over to the Dumbo ride. No Ella.

From there, I went directly to the platform to Conductor Bob. I tearily explained the situation. Bob said "Settle down, hang tight. I'll make an announcement." He pressed the button on his walkie - talkie and alerted the train crew, the clean-up crew and management, that Ella was missing. Then he got the microphone for the PA and began his announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention ,please!" I stood there wringing my hands.

To be continued...


  1. HUH...I knew it...that little tart is being a little tart I tell ya.

  2. Oh DEAR Lord! What has Ella gotten herself IN to? Tilden, if I told ya once, I told ya a thousand times... buy a LEASH! I'm gettin' a GPS installed in that elephant ... if I ever get her back!

  3. AHA!!! You see T even Melli knows what that little tart is capable of HA!!!!

  4. Oh, dear. Tell me she didn't steal a bumper car and careen through the crowd!

  5. We did Richard's Faire instead this year. I'm bummed I missed the cranberry festival. :(


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