Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Tee Times on Short Notice? Yes You Can!

In a couple weeks, Pauline and I are going up to New Hampshire to winterize her cottage and close it up for the season. I love watching the seasons change, I love cool weather and winter sports.But right now I'm itching for more summer.A few rounds of golf at a course that doesn't turn into a tobogganers dream in a couple months would be great. Yes, I am still pining for South Carolina and the golf courses there. I am hoping that over the next couple of weeks, I can convince Pauline to let Manda and Colleen close up the cottage.That way Poe and I would be free to hit the road to Myrtle Beach! Tee times are available! I think we should have a weekend, one weekend to play golf before the snow flies.

If I'm lucky and Pauline agrees, we will be making plans at the very last minute. But I'm positive we can make last minute golf plans at From there you can book tee times within 48 hours of  play. If I do talk Pauline into South Carolina instead of New Hampshire, we will be able to get tee times at over 50 great courses offering all skill levels. I am a brilliant golfer. Pauline not so much. So we need a lot of courses to choose from.

I'm cruising the course list on 48 hour tee times now. They all look grand and it will be hard to choose. But I have to work on Pauline, Myrtle Beach is calling...

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