Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nursing School is a Challenge, Finding Good Scrubs Shouldn't Be...

I talked to my cousin Marisa yesterday. She is in nursing school in Maryland. We talked for a goodly long time, I haven't seen her since the wedding in September. We did a bit of catching up, then she described all her classes and stuff to me. She said she's having a great time despite her work and school load, but she hates the scrubs available to her at the hospital. Marisa wants custom made scrubs.

Marisa described her work in the hospital like this: hard work, heavy lifting, standing for long periods, more hard work and heavy lifting. She would like to have nursing scrub tops that actually fit her. Apparently she has a rather long torso and what she wears now is much too short. Whenever she has to help move a patient or turn someone over or stretch and pull or carry, her top rides up and her midriff is open to the world. She does not like that. "Rather drafty" are the words she used.

Nurses scrub uniforms are generally roomy and comfortable. Marisa told me she needs length in the top and the bottoms to be not quite so roomy. I guess shes had a couple close calls with her pants being so baggy that they've caught on things and almost caused serious mishaps. I'm sure she'll find something that suits her. I just hope she finds it before her pants take their leave...


  1. Oh Nicole will love this! I will let her know...she needs new scrubs! That is her biggest complaint...most don't fit right.

  2. LOL! My niece, who is an RN, is only 4'11" tall and she always has pants that are miles too long. She just makes her own scrubs!


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