Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Change of Plans...

A couple weeks ago, Pauline and I made arrangements to go to New Hampshire to close up her cottage. She made arrangements to have the plumber meet us at 9am. We decided we would go to the dump a few times over the weekend and clean up the yard a bit...

You may recall I tried to get her to change plans and go to Myrtle Beach instead. No go. But she did call me up this afternoon and tell me the plans did change. She told me not to pack for New Hampshire. I asked why? What happened? Aren't we going? Pauline said we are still going away, but not to New Hampshire. So I asked where we are going....

We are going to Disney World!

She fooled me into thinking we were going to New Hampshire to work and I was fine with that. But this is so much better!

I asked Pauline why she didn't tell me a month ago when we made the initial NH plans.This is what she said:
"Last Christmas at dinner, we were all talking and you (meaning me) said you wished someone would just call you up and say "We're going to Disney World tomorrow!"' (wow) "So I'm calling you. You got your wish!"

You know, I am blessed to have such a person in my life. Someday, I will do the same for her.


  1. Amoeba said I could go with you .... now that you're already gone.

  2. AWE-SOME! I LOVE this! I absolutely LOVE this! I HOPE you took Ella!

  3. She's always WANTED to meet Dumbo!

  4. I want to come too! Booohoo, you're already gone tho...Well anyway, I'm envious, wish I was there...Have lots and lots of to you soon!


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