Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fascinated by the Items in“Pawn Stars”...

This is a guest post, sent in by my friend, Riley Marsh. Welcome Riley!

Lately, I've discovered Pawn Stars, a reality show that does not focus on the drama of strange relationships but on interesting items brought into a Las Vegas pawn shop. The show appeals to me because the people are not as interesting or unusual as the things that are brought into the shop. The shop itself has apparently been in Vegas for a long time, operated by one family. There are four men who are the main employees of the business.

The most senior is the Old Man and that's what they call him. He is the patriarch of the family and one of the grouchiest people on TV. However, the Old Man has a wealth of knowledge about many things. He does have a struggle recognizing his own age and the fact that he slowing down. Then, we have his son, Rick who seems to be the one holding the business together, because he is very knowledgeable about many things. He recognizes what he does not know as well. Rick freely acknowledges that he is in the business of making money and works to be sure that everyone, the other employees and the store patrons know that. The other two men on the show are Cody and Chumley, both of them still in training.

I've been recording all of the available shows on my satellite TV with the DVR that I got from tvbydirect.comso that I can sort of pick and choose which episodes to watch. The oldest items are usually the most fascinating, but once in a while there are some modern, yet unique items. Someone actually brought in a glass sword, a beautiful and totally useless item. The things people own are more interesting than the people and things they fight about.

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