Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Great Piece Of Murano Glass Made All Of The Difference

This post was written by my friend Tabatha Martin.

I live out in the boonies, so shopping the old fashion way just does not work for me. The only thing that I have to do is fire up my hughes net satellite internet, and I am gone! I have been collecting Murano glass for years now, and I finally was able to get a piece that I have been looking at for a long time. The bonus that I received from my boss easily covered the cost of the vase, plus I was able to score on some great earrings, free shipping too!

Murano Glass has been around since the 9th century Rome. The Asian and Muslim influences in the glass, were very prevalent due to the fact that Venice was a huge trading port. The glass has a history and beauty that I love very much, and is highly collectable. The reds, yellows, purples and even some cream colors blend together so wonderfully, I cannot wait for my family to behold my prize.

Before, when I was doing my Murano glass shopping, I would have to spend weeks waiting for a catalogue, and then waiting for my merchandise to arrive. It is truly amazing what technology has done for me, and my shopping experiences.

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