Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Watching the Simpsons...

This post was written by my friend Ryan Trilson.

The Simpsons is going stronger than ever after being on the air for twenty years. One would figure that Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge and Maggie would cease to have fun adventures. The writers in Hollywood have made this season better than ever before! I sat down and watched this weeks episode on Direct TV.
Sunday is usually a pretty dull night anyways. I checked the newspaper and saw that The Simpsons was coming on at 7:30 to start with. This was a repeat episode and I flipped it on for about thirty seconds before finding something else to watch for the rest of the time. At 8 I switched back to the new episode for the week. Homer is sentenced to community service for committing yet another petty crime in Springfield. Homer would rather be sentenced to jail than to community service.
Homer begins serving his community service under the supervision of Chief Wiggum. He allows Wiggum to have a bite of his lunch and a friendship is kindled. Instead of having to pick up trash or any type of regular community service job Homer gets to sit on the picnic table with Chief Wiggum. They even go and have a beer after Homers community service. The Simpsons does take a bit of a dramatic license with how they show some events. Nevertheless I suppose a police officer could befriend someone they were supervising. I cannot wait to see the antics that Homer gets into next week. Hopefully it will be something really funny!

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