Saturday, May 8, 2010

Orchid Recovery Center - Help for Women...

My church hosts two meetings a week for folks in recovery from alcoholism.

Four years ago when my brother was suffering alcoholism, I asked the church to host the meetings, in the hopes that we could help someone here in our neighborhood. I know many people who suffer all kind of addictions, some get help, some don't. Often the ones who don't, simply don't know where to go for help.

Orchid Recovery Center is dedicated to helping women find ways to overcome addiction in any form. Healing for women and their families is the main objective, and The Orchid Recovery Center for Women uses new and progressive ways to accomplish this. Orchid Recovery Center helps women from all walks of life recover from drug and alcohol addiction by offering a safe place to heal through holistic care and expert treatment. The Orchid Recovery staff have been part of extensive studies that show women can recover and heal more effectively when paired with other women. An excellent community has been created that offers support to women, promotes healing and helps and encourages women to move forward and practice a healthy, clean and sober life.

The Orchid Center Charity Blog offers articles on how to get involved, videos showing different ways Orchid has provided treatment for women and a program that offers loans to small business entrepreneurs.

If you would like to help, The North Carolina department of Justice has a great site with tips on giving and important things to consider. To learn about charities, check the Charities and Non-Profits page of the IRS for more information.


  1. Sounds like an excellent place. I worked in a similar facility many moons ago and saw many lives changed for the better.

  2. This is a VERY good idea. I applaud those who donate their tine and money for the better of others.


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