Monday, May 3, 2010

Tales on Tuesday...Leave it to Beaver

Nessa, of The Chrysalis Stage, hosts a weekly writing theme called Tales on Tuesday. Tell a short, short (500 words or less) story based on the weeks theme.Each theme will be the title of a TV show to provide some inspiration. Your story does not have to have anything to do with the TV show.

This is a true story.

When I was 6 years old, my sister Peggie was 17.

One afternoon, I lay on the parlor floor watching Leave It to Beaver, waiting for Lassie to come on. Beaver didn't hold my attention very well and I fell asleep. I woke up to the closing credits of Lassie. You remember, as the credits roll, Lassie sits there waving her paw as Greensleeves plays. I was heartbroken. I wailed and sobbed.

Peggie, being the nice lady she was, tried to console me. When it didn't work, she told me supper would be ready soon, and returned to the kitchen. Somehow I settled myself enough to go to the dining room. I saw all my brothers seated at table, but my parents were not there. When I learned they weren't even home, the wailing and sobbing began again.

Busy putting plates on the table, Peggie asked my brother Bruce to help me to my seat. Bruce was 15. He squared me away, dried my tears and asked if he could sit next to me. I agreed between little leftover sobs. Bruce gave me a sip of his milk while we waited for the rest of the plates. I remember feeling better, and asking Bruce if he would let me listen to his records.

Bruce and I chatted happily until Peg set my plate down in front of me. I was flabbergasted! There was bacon and eggs and pancakes on my plate! Breakfast for supper?!
What in the world was happening? I lost it.

After that, all I can remember is being carried upstairs, helped into pajamas and then into bed.

To this day, I cannot hear Greensleeves
without a feeling of utter sadness.


  1. Childhood traumas. Too much, too different all at once. I bet your trauma wasn't all that easy on your siblings, either!

  2. You poor thing...Funny how a show can do that to ya :)

  3. I hope there were tootsie rolls under your pillow.


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