Friday, May 28, 2010

I Want Traffic - Can SubmitEdge Deliver?

Lately, I've been looking into how to drive traffic to my blog. Compelling content, visiting other blogs and making relevant comments are great ways to get the job done. I want to get readers and keep them. My main goal is to make some friends and take part in interesting discussions. I want to make a certain impression on people. Most important, I would like to have a good reputation and get lots of comments.

I also created a website for my boss, Mike, at the greenhouses. Mike has been selling wholesale to other growers and retailers for years. He asked me to provide him with a simple website that showcases his new retail shop. The website doesn't get many hits and doesn't rank very high on search engines. I suggested we look into an SEO Firm to help us drive more traffic to the website.

There are so many things to consider when driving traffic to a blog or website. How do I get listed near the top of search engine results? What is my focus or niche? Who is my audience and am I writing something that not only interests them, but teaches something? Is my content good enough to keep people coming back to see what I have to say?

These questions puzzle me. When I found SubmitEdge, I found the answer. SubmitEdge will submit your site to the top 200 search engines. Submission doesn't guarantee a listing, but you can't get listed if the search engine can't find you. SubmitEdge will not list with the "Free for All" sites. The algorithms used by search engines count more than the number of links, they also check to see if the links are relevant. Listing with a "Free for All" site could be considered spamming, which in turn could get you banned from search engines. SubmitEdge pricing for SEO submission is competitive and discounted for a limited time.

I looked into Search Engine Optimization too. SEO optimization is one way to drive traffic to your site by using algorithms instead of paid placement or context advertising. SubmitEdge will review your site to collect information to aid in forming a list of relevant keywords that will promote traffic to your site. A SubmitEdge specialist will use the content already in your site and create unique content if necessary. Your specialist will consult with you every step of the way to ensure your site is not compromised. Your site needs to be search engine friendly. SubmitEdge will help you redevelop your site to make sure there is proper integration of the new content. The integrity of your site will remain intact. SubmitEdge will also provide link development and provide ranking reports for various search engines. Fees vary with each client. SubmitEdge will provide a quote on request.

SubmitEdge offers a money back guarantee for their Complete Search Engine Optimization Solution. Any form of guarantee will be clearly defined in the agreement between the client and SubmitEdge.With the money back guarantee, ethically sound SEO techniques, talented, professional staff and submission to the top search engines, SubmitEdge will bring you the traffic you desire.

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