Friday, May 14, 2010

Flash Fiction 55...

at the beach, with great care, she set him down.
she turned, spread the towel, and he was gone.
turning back, her heart sank to the deepest depth it could go.
searching waves and sand, alone she panicked.
yesterday’s storm, created a drop.
he sat below it, using a tin spoon.
she saw it flash.

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i originally posted this at on august 11, 2007


  1. It is good that she saw the flash from the spoon?
    Very mysterious 55!
    Mine is here
    Have you an AWESOME weekend!

  2. Thank goodness she saw the flash. Very mysterious I must say and well done. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Oh my goodness...this was a heart stopper!! Excellent.

    My 55 for the week, is HERE As always, scroll down past my Friday's Show n Tell to find it. Have a glorious day.

  4. May she reach the boy in time. Please make it so!

    I'm up at:
    Friday Flash 55 ~ Silvia's Smile

  5. yeah, hoping for a happ ending on this 55. my greatest fear is that somehing happens to my kids.

    my 55 is up!

  6. all the meds in the world wouldn't help this panic! you evoked a chilling fear within me in just a few moments of time, amazing! an awesome 55!

  7. I think she was crazy, and there was nothing there.
    Excellent 55 Tilden.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  8. Oh, my heart just stopped for a moment, then started beating again at the flash. Great job in 55 words!

  9. remember those heart stopper feelings
    very well conveyed

    mine is at the beach too "family outing"

  10. Excellent story, Nancy. You had me holding my breath!


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