Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jersey Shore Real Estate - Bruce Germinsky Has It All!

I'm just so cramped here in my teen-tiny house. I share it with three other people and we outgrew it long ago. All of us dream about closet space, kitchen cabinets and more than one bathroom. I would consider relocating if I found the right property.

Bruce Germinsky offers high-end residential real estate in Mommouth County, New Jersey. Bruce has a great Colonial listed. With 6 bedroom and 4 bathrooms, the house would suit my family perfectly. Each one of us could spread out and enjoy some real space. Crowded would not be a word associated with this house! At $875,000 it will be a stretch, but worth every penny!

Mr. Germinsky also offers commercial space and Shawn said if we move to New Jersey, he might consider opening a music school and recording studio. Colleen is interested in oceanfront luxury condos. She wishes to stay near the seaside, so she's been looking at waterfront homes too. New Jersey real estate is hot right now, so choosing an experienced realtor is essential.

Bruce Germinsky can provide full listings for professional & class A medical office space, retail and shopping centers. With that kind of service, I'm sure he will be able to find me the home of my dreams.

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  1. Nancy -- be sure to send us your forwarding address. In that house the birds, Penny, and the rabbits can have their own rooms, too!


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