Saturday, May 8, 2010

Real Insurance - Car, Home and Life...

My car insurance is about to renew in June. Since money is tight, I've decided to shop around for a quote. I love my agent and Ive been doing business with her for 20 years. But in all those years, I have never looked elsewhere for lower rates. In the current economy, I need to put my dollars to work for me in the best and smartest ways available.

Recently, I heard about Real Insurance. Real Insurance does business in 5 countries and provides 6 million policyholders with an array of services across the globe. I would love to have my auto, homeowners and Life Insurance all with one provider. Real Insurance will provide me with homeowners, auto and Life Insurance quotes, so I can make an informed decision about pricing and know exactly what is covered.

I'm also considering looking into Funeral Insurance. I don't want my family to have to come up with thousands of dollars to bury or cremate me. I prefer cremation, but who knows what the future holds. An insurance policy would be a big help to my family. Let's face it, without funeral insurance, my kids might plant me in the back yard next to the dog!


  1. Sis does not think the relative I chose to be the executor of my estate is responsible enough. Sis fears that my body will be tossed out into the backyard to rot. I said that for the health and safety of the neighbors I would prefer being cremated, but since I'll be done with my body at that point it isn't like it's really going to matter to me.


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