Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ella Has A New Friend...

Ella finished puzzling and crafting and went looking for something to read. She hefted herself up onto the top of the bird cage to search the stack. She must have caused a bit of a ruckus because Birdie got right out of bed and rushed out to investigate.

While Ella was checking out The Portable Dorothy Parker, Birdie climbed into her lap and introduced herself by squawking loudly. I think she startled Ella, but she seemed to take it in stride. They had a nice chat and Birdie admired Ella's outfit. Then Birdie excused herself and headed back to bed, explaining she had an early meeting.

Ella returned Dorothy Parker to the shelf and decided on Horton Hears a Who! instead.


  1. Well if that don't beat all. That two timing tart. LOL

  2. Ella really does like Horton Hears a Who. she also likes the Barbar the Elephant stories. She didn't care for the Dumbo story at all. she said it was too far fetched. She is also usually very good when interacting with other animals -- well, except Thom.

  3. Watch out Ella that bird bites!

  4. Oh HORTON! One of Ella's favorites! I absolutely LOVE your Birdie! I wanted a conure so bad... but settled for a cockatiel. It was a price thing.... They are sO sweet though! I hope she didn't POOP on Ella though... LOL!


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